Marina Abramović

Entering the Other Side


Entering the Other Side

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Portrait with Golden MaskMarina AbramovićPortrait with Golden Mask2010Video
Holding the LambMarina AbramovićHolding the Lamb2010Photograph
Virgin Warrior HeartsMarina AbramovićVirgin Warrior Hearts2006Photograph
Self Portrait with SkullMarina AbramovićSelf Portrait with Skull2004Photograph
Count on Us (Chorus)Marina AbramovićCount on Us (Chorus)2003Photograph
Nude with SkeletonMarina AbramovićNude with Skeleton2002–2005Video
The HeroMarina AbramovićThe Hero2001Photograph
VictoryMarina AbramovićVictory1997Photograph
Balkan Baroque IMarina AbramovićBalkan Baroque I1997Photograph
Thomas LipsMarina AbramovićThomas Lips1975/2005Photograph