Sophie Calle

Degas, drawing


Degas, drawing

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Rembrandt, Storm on the Sea of GalileaSophie CalleRembrandt, Storm on the Sea of Galilea1991Photograph
BeakerSophie CalleBeaker1991Photograph
Manet, the JournalistSophie CalleManet, the Journalist1991Photograph
Rembrandt, Self-portraitSophie CalleRembrandt, Self-portrait1991Photograph
The EagleSophie CalleThe Eagle1991Photograph
Flinck, Landscape with an ObeliskSophie CalleFlinck, Landscape with an Obelisk1991Photograph
Vermeer, the ConcertSophie CalleVermeer, the Concert1991Photograph
Rembrandt, a Lady and gentleman in BlackSophie CalleRembrandt, a Lady and gentleman in Black1991Photograph